16 April 2010

BYU Spring Retreat

BYU is starting to look and feel like Spring.

The trees are blossoming. Some of the blossoms on campus are absolutely ginormous, in fact from a distance I thought they were fake! Who could blame me? The buds are the size of a lotus flower growing on tips of branches outside of the Art building, where I can envision students getting together to make these out of paper. But I assure you that they are real.

During the Fall and Winter semesters, each department at BYU has a day of retreat. The Fall retreat resembles something that I'm used to - team building exercises, motivational speeches, food, and games. This Spring retreat was a little bizarre for my retreat tastes.

When we arrived at the Springhaven Lodge down the winding roads of Hobble Creek Canyon, there was an activity for Out of the Box thinking. On track for my retreat image..... and after we were all creatively contemplating, they told us there was nothing else scheduled for the day except lunch, so we should all enjoy the grounds. Some played basketball, volleyball, pool, or board games, but no one was doing any work. It's not very often that you get paid to do absolutely nothing, but since our department is comprised of mostly psychologists, I imagine they needed a day of from thinking, a time to let their Freudian thoughts slip. I of course was all over the board games, as well as the BBQ lunch and ice cream bar.

Then when it was time to go, I drove back down the canyon, slowly enjoying the warm breeze and beautiful day as I listened to the Pride and Prejudice CD in Scott's car. On my cruise back to Springville I saw four deer, three of which were alive. I ALWAYS see deer along the road, and the funny thing is that Scott never seems them. I tell him I have a sixth sense - "I see dead deer."

And after I got home, I took a nap. Best work day ever!

P.S. I've posted several stories today with pictures, but back dated them in order to be chronologically aligned. I fell behind a bit on recording the pictures in my camera, and lucky for me Blogspot lets you choose the date of your post.

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