21 April 2010

A Rexburg Weekend

We are almost officially going to Rexburg tomorrow. BYU Graduation is tomorrow and the University encourages staff to leave early on Thursday to make way for visitor parking spots. I say almost officially leaving, because I'm still waiting for someone to be my sub chorister in primary this Sunday.

Idahoans in the House! This may very well be the last trip to Rexburg until I bring my dear future offspring to the hallowed halls of BYU-I and Edna R. Ricks. So this means I have to get in every last nostalgic bit. We considered stay the night at the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast (a.k.a. heaven) like we did on our last trip, because it's closing it's doors in the near future. I know! *tear* But we actually decided to stay with Scott's sister Christie instead, because she promised us an amazing breakfast with bacon. That's her trick to get me to say yes to the four hour drive... bribe me with bacon. Right, Christie?

So list of things to do while in Rexburg:
- Attempt a visit with all friends that are in Rexburg (that may take some serious Facebook stalking)
- Watch Scott eat a burger at Big Judds (not sure if I can eat one on my own)
- Millhollow, maybe?
- Paul Mitchell hair cut? (Still considering whether it's worth the risk)
- Take an evening stroll in the gardens of the Y-I with my schnookims... Oooh Shoot!
- Some Rexburgian activity (dunes, water sports, ice caves, night games with the youngin's)
- Play so many card games that Christie's pantry is robbed of sweet treat snackies
- Watch as Christie leaves all the fun at the house to go to class

K... so my list is kind of short. What am I forgetting?