01 January 2018

Hello, Match Week... I mean 2018!

I'd like to say that we're excited for the possibilities of this new year, but at the moment we're trying to distract ourselves from nervousness.

2018 is the year that Scott will graduate from residency. Yay! This year I'll turn 35. Is another cruise calling my name? Apparently this year we're going to Hawaii twice... that we know of. *wink wink All good things.

But the big piece of news that we're waiting for with bated breath is the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Match that happens THIS WEEK.

Let's back up a second. Last you heard from us on this subject, Scott had just completed some interviews in Texas. In total, he applied to 17 programs, was invited to interview at 10, and attended all 10 interviews (can we say expensive Q4?).

Side Note: If you want to hear a great story, ask me (not Scott, it's not as funny when he tells it) about his final interview with a program that partners with his alma mater's athletic teams.

His final interview offer came mid-October, most interviews happened in October, and his final interview was mid-November. In the end of November, we discovered this incredibly informative video on how the match algorithm works to match perspective residents or fellows to programs. I'd like to give a raise to whoever proposed this video idea and/or produced it. This video completely eased our minds on what would happen after Scott submitted his rank order list, because before we viewed this video I was under the assumption that the program rank order list had some weight or even drove the match. If anyone is going through the Match, I feel like this video should be a mandatory watch.

In December, Scott's rank order list was due. We submitted a list of all 10 programs where Scott had an interview in the order of favorite to we'd still throw a party if we match to this program. Then we sat back and put up our feet, and I made a three week long countdown chain. Yep, I'm still a child. On each ring of the chain I had written the reference to a patience/trust scripture with the intention of easing our minds as we waited, but it totally backfired on me when most of the scriptures said, to the effect, "Don't be depressed, God will support you in your tribulations." To which Scott replied, "What in the world do you think is going to happen to me on Match Day?!"

Maybe some day, after the match, I'll talk about our experience keeping touch with programs after interviews were over. It's a complicated game where you have to let programs know that you're interested in attending their program, without saying specifically where you intend to rank those programs. This is a subject that I wish we had had some helpful advice on from current fellows, but at the moment, we're not exactly qualified to give that advice ourselves. Maybe next week.

So in an effort to fake it ‘till I make it, I'll say we're optimistic that 2018 will be our best year yet.