25 October 2017

Life Snapshot: October 25

Hard Eight in Roanoke, TX with the Lansfords
Wisconsin Tidbits: If you're looking for an excellent bed and breakfast in Door County, Wisconsin look no further than Garden Gate Bed & Breakfast. Door County has been on our bucket list since we moved to Milwaukee, and while we didn't quite time the fall foliage right, we did have a relaxing trip with wonderful eats.

What I'm Reading: The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (highly recommend the audiobook)

Part of My Spiritual Study: Christlike Attribute Activity from Preach My Gospel

On the Telly: Poldark, Season 3 (finished via PBS Passport)

Favorite Eats: Edy's Slow Churned Strawberry Ice Cream (never has strawberry ice cream tasted SO GOOD!)

Dr. Hubs: DrH is a traveling machine recently. It is fellowship central over here right now. By next month, he will have interviewed at 10 different Sports Medicine Fellowship programs. If you ever find yourself in the fellowship match process and want advice, we're full of opinions now. 

Goal for Next Week: Recognize when I'm overwhelmed and need to stop and listen (mantra: Proverbs 3: 5-6)

My favorite moment from this last week: Traveling to Texas with Scott while he interviewed, then spending time with cherished friends and family. We had the best hosts, and while I didn't feel like we were able to spend adequate time with anyone, it was a blessing to give them all hugs and get a little caught up on each others' lives. 

On My Mind: The Young Women were learning about Christlike attributes this month and as usual the first lesson of the month had us go through the above linked activity where we gauged how we felt we are doing that day in each of those areas. I started to realize as we were going through the questions, that Christlike attributes are not obtained, like on a checklist, but you have to constantly work for all of them. I came to this realization because I totally expected to be lacking in patience and charity, which I was, but did not expect for humility scores to be at an all time low.

Then throughout the last couple of weeks, I've received eye opening reminders that I'm not listening or being humble - like that time when I was frustrated and damaged a garage. Yeah, that wasn't good. Or the time when I felt a prompting last week and didn't act on it. Then realized later I was needed. #facepalm

I'm human, but I want to be better than that.