22 September 2017

Life Snapshot: September 22

Graffiti reads "Please don't litter.
Greenfield is not your Garbage Can!"
Graffiti = okay; litter, not so much.
Wisconsin Tidbits: Merriment Social - go here for the dumplings, stay because everything else is delicious! Scott is a major fan of dumplings, usually from Chinese restaurants. But Merriment Social, downtown at Walker's Point, has convinced me that I need to start making my own dumplings in a variety of flavors. When we went we had bacon cheeseburger dumplings, pea and potato with garlic aoili, and a goat cheese dumpling (which I did not eat because I'm not a fan of the after taste of goat cheese). During happy hour they have $1 dumplings.

What I'm Reading: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Part of My Spiritual Study: Finishing up the Book of Mormon as part of the Young Women Virtue Project from New Beginnings.
Church Calling: Young Women President, also was just asked to play the organ during the adult session of our Fall stake conference. *insert wide eyes emoji*

On the Telly: (Or more like, on the computer. Thanks, FOX.com!) Logan + Allison Top 8 SYTYCD

Dr. Hubs: DrH has been surprised that even though we submitted his fellowship application in July, most programs around the country haven't even reviewed applications yet. He applied to 17 programs and has 6 scheduled interviews as of this week, but we expect to hear more in the next two weeks. Until then, he's working at the hospital in clinic, at a nursing home, going to didactic sessions every Wednesday, and is on various two week rotations. He just finished two weeks of nights, which I'm hoping means he doesn't have to do any more this year. Third year is feeling more like real life than when Scott was an intern doing 80 hour weeks every week and not caught up on anything.

My favorite moment from this last week: My friend Amy had a birthday this week, and so a bunch of us girls went to see Home Again at the theater. I can't say I loved the movie (darn ending!), but I do LOVE all my friends here in Wisconsin!

On My Mind: Is it just me, or does everyone laugh a little when hanging up a work call? I started noticing this week, that when I'm the one ending a business call I give a little chuckle before saying something like, "Okay, talk to you later," or "Have a good day." Nothing is funny. It's almost like a subconscious gesture to lighten the mood at the end of a service call. Weird.