01 April 2010

April Fools at BYU

Again, this is a back dated post as I'm trying to catch up on pictures in my camera.

April Fool's Day had pretty much come and gone without any excitement at BYU. I heard of no practical jokes, except for Google of course, and some in our office had become anxious for something, ANYTHING, to happen.

Some of the student specialists in our office were helping me to clear out the employer storage closet. We had asked employers whose boxes had remained in that closet for more than a semester, how they would like us to dispose of their items whether it was shipping it back to them or giving it away to students. Well Raytheon said, give everything away. So we opened up their boxes to find hundreds of recycled items like recycled wood pens and these recycled paper bags.

I asked our front desk manager what she thought we should do with such a huge pile of bags, and she replied that it was April Fools Day and we needed to MAKE something happen with these bags. I really wasn't in this too whole heartedly, but I did assist... a little.

We unfolded the creases on the bags and taped them all together in the front of our office. Then when they least suspected it, we quickly taped the bags up onto the door of a meeting room/adviser office, with two advisers contained within. On the back of the bags we taped a sign that said April Fools.

Yeah... that's it! We still have a truck load of recycled Raytheon paper bags if anyone wants one.