12 April 2010

BYU Senior Appreciation Night

Last Friday BYU had a Senior Appreciation Night for all graduating seniors during the 2009 - 2010 academic year. You may remember that Scott is officially signed up to graduate in April 2010. Well... that's changed slightly. Since we were accepted to any medical schools during this round of applications, Scott has applied to a post-bac program at UC Davis. If accepted, we will start that program in June and Scott can receive his diploma from BYU. If we do not go to UC Davis, then Scott will be staying at BYU to retake classes and raise his GPA and also to study to retake MCAT. He will also be taking classes to apply to Physical Therapy programs. So graduation may not actually occur until August or even (do I dare to say?!), December. Blah!

Nevertheless, we did celebrate that Scott would be graduating in the year 2010 by attending this free night for seniors with Kyle (who is also graduating this year) and his wife Bridget. The Cougar Eat had free unlimited burgers, pizza, chips, and ice cream. There were performances and department booths with free things and prizes. There were door prizes, which we lost by being only one number off! There was also free bowling, and Kyle's favorite, karaoke.

Thanks Scott, for being a senior. I appreciate you AND your access to free food!