07 January 2010

Graduation, Here We Come!

We may not have gotten into medical school yet, but at least we now know that Scott is officially graduating in April!

I received a call at my work phone as Scott was walking out of his college advisement center. "First, I got into my classes." Scott was referring to his last two GEs that he had mis-scheduled this semester. "Which two?" I asked. "Theater and Media Arts History and History of Philosophy." Those may sound intimidating, but they are not as daunting as Scott's other options of Advanced World Literature, and Western Humanities. We all know how much Scott loves to read... "Secondly, I'm holding in my hand the receipt from applying for graduation."

Scott knows how important it is for me to get out of BYU as fast as possible. So he saved the best news for last there. I feel like forming a conga line.

Can you believe Scott didn't want to pose for a picture with his graduation receipt? I had to practically force my blogging lifestyle upon him in that Kodak moment.