06 January 2010

The Trouble with Med School Apps

... is that they stink! And that's the kindest word I could think to use for this process. What started in June 2009 with excitement in anticipation is dragging on through possibly March or April with now more questions and pondering. Don't get me wrong, medical school for Scott is still our first priority and focus, though some people may not believe it from the looks of things. We have yet to receive any positive encouragement from schools. No interviews scheduled yet - Only letters of rejection. As you can imagine, it is difficult for one's optimism and prospective future to continue to receive rejections, which is why we haven't posted updates up until now.

Voici the current map of schools with accompanying legend of decision signage .

You may notice, as we have, that there are no awesome neon green "i" icons signifying an interview. Schools still left in the race to give us hope are, in no particular order:

Ohio State
Oregon Health Science University
Kansas University
ATSU (Osteopathic)
RVU (Osteopathic)
University of New England (Osteopathic)

We've been told this part of the process (waiting) is the worst from many who have gone before us to medical or dental school. I'll tell you what was really the worst though - having a conversation with one of Scott's former companions at a mission reunion party where he described his interviews and admissions to several schools. I felt like crying bawling right there in the middle of the restaurant at the table of former elders.

But you know what? Despite this dismal appearance and others telling us to consider a new career, I stick to my belief that we will end up where we need to be. Whether that is medical school this year, or experience before school to help Scott narrow down his field of interest, I know not. Still, I'm betting on med school this year, because with eight schools left and Scott's compatabilty with osteopathic theory, there have to be good things in store.