04 January 2010

Goodbye Sitka, Hello Citrus!

We left our sleepy Sitka vacation Dec 30 on Alaska Airlines with our bags checked all the way to Sacramento. But the vacation didn't stop there! Oh no! Big Curt and Matt joined us as we drove from Sacramento to Visalia to meet the rest of the Chandler/Kartchner/Thornock/Radmachers for the New Years weekend.

Steve, Sara, and Addyson live on magical acreage of farmland where the fire burns warm in their home fireplace, citrus grows outside the front door ready for picking, and there is plenty of room for Scott to become obsessed with taking the dog out for a run by using a quad.

The other beauty of living in seclusion on a significant holiday weekend, is the ability to have a large bonfire in the backyard and light off fireworks the size of the cop car that would have been coming our way if we hadn't been so hidden in a field of walnut trees.

Visiting Visalia has confirmed my dreams of living on a farm and creating a little refuge from the world, with life providing enough lemons to make an awesome lemonade! Or fresh squeezed orange juice. Or boysenberry jam...