28 December 2009

Casey Breaks the Silence

Yesterday my favoritism decision was confirmed. We were sitting in Sacrament Meeting at church and the prayer had just been said on the bread. The chapel was completely silent when from the very back pew we heard the loudest belch ever to come from the lips of a babe. Matt described it as comparable to the MGM lion. Yes, Casey burped so loud that even Mackenzie her older sister could not believe it. She turned to me and asked, "Who WAS that?!" As you can imagine there were a few giggles from the congregation, but mostly from our family.

As the meeting went on, I bent over to have Scott scratch my back. Who should join in on the scratching... Casey! And she's pretty good at it too for a one year old. The loveable Casey was also the highlight of Relief Society, distracting all the ladies with her twirls in the middle of the room that no one could pay attention when Camille Call tried to lead the practice hymn.

Casey returned home for a nap after church with her new boyfriend, Eric, the barbie doll rendition of the prince from The Little Mermaid.

Happy Birthday to Sam today!