23 March 2010

Summer House Parties and Med School Update

Remember how I told you about the Bicycle Game House Party coming up soon? There are SOOO many more House Parties on the list now, I'm not sure if I'll be able to choose which one I like the most! I'm anticipating that we will have more time to party, as we have now heard back from all medical schools, and there is no good news. *insert little frown* Well... I guess the good news is that now we know and we are moving on to organizing Plan B.

So while we're on to Medical School Apps [Take 2], I've decided we should also included some awesomely sponsored parties. Which one of these do you think sounds the best? Or maybe, better question, which party would you want to come to if we were having it at our house?

My favorite Potential House Parties on Houseparty.com:

Hasboro Game Night House Party
"Get a jumpstart on your summer fun by hosting an exclusive Hasbro Game Night! Your friends will be in awe when you invite them over to be among the first to play the newest, hottest Trivial Pursuit game — weeks before it appears in any store! But that’s just the beginning. Because this Game Night is action-packed with plenty of free goodies including coupons, and two other fun-filled Hasbro games, every partygoer will feel like a big winner!"

Bicycle Playing Cards, What's Your Game House Party
As mentioned before

McDonalds Nuggets and Shrek Forever After House Party
"Coming to a home near you! An evening with great food, your favorite Ogre, and McNuggets® of fun for everyone. So gather your family and friends for an exciting evening with McDonald’s and Shrek®! With Chicken McNuggets®, a DreamWorks’ Shrek DVD, Happy Meal® toys and cool goodies to make any kid — or adult — green with envy, this will be a night to remember forever!"

AquaFina's Flavor Splash House Party
"On May 15th, you'll gather your guests and learn how to make a fit lifestyle more fun, thanks to Aquafina FlavorSplash. You'll enjoy this light, clean, refreshing water with vibrant flavor. Ideal for any time consumption and perfect for the whole family.
If selected as a host, you'll get a FREE party pack that will energize the crowd and make sure your party is a fun-filled success. Don't miss this new look at making “healthy” more enjoyable. Everyone will be in for a remarkably invigorating time!"

Bryer's Summer to Remember House Party
"Remember when summer meant lazy days, long nights, and yummy ice cream? Revisit those great summer memories with your friends and family — and create a few new ones — at a Breyers® Summer to Remember House Party™! Be one of the first to indulge in the all-new, delicious Breyers® Smooth & Dreamy™ ice cream bars and sandwiches while taking a joyful trip down memory lane!"

What do you think?