03 March 2010

And then there were three...

Well I thought I would give you another update on the world of Medical School Applications. What was a longer list of schools we were waiting to hear back from, is now a list of three, and really we're thinking probably only two (Tufts is extremely competitive). Schools left are, in no particular order:

School of Medicine - Tufts University
School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona - A.T. Still University
College of Osteopathic Medicine - Rocky Vista University

Secondary applications have been submitted for all three, and in an attempt to sweeten the pot, so to speak, we sent them an update with Scott's new and improved GPA and his expectations for grades by April graduation.

Then comes the difficult part - making Plan B. For awhile Scott had been thinking that going out and getting experience would be most beneficial for improving his chances for admittance. But in calling medical schools he was not accepted to, we've discovered that allopathic medical schools care most about academic performance, and that Scott is actually above average when it comes to experience. That was a little disappointing, because obviously we would love to spend more time with hands-on learning experience and money making then back in the library with the books.

So now Scott is applying to a Post-Bac Pre-Med program at UC Davis, in the hopes that he can improve his GPA and chances for reapplication to specific schools. The program is one year, the summer spent preparing students to retake the MCAT and the academic year spent taking first year medical school classes to improve the students academic record and prepare them for medical school studies. In order to get into this program at UC-D though, you need to be a minority. While we've received written verification that Scott is considered a minority, we still have to convince UC-D. And no, Scott, making your salutation, "Capt." on the application, probably won't help.

Scott has written some really interesting essays for the UC-Davis Post Bac Application to convince the committee that he should be considered for the program as a deserving student. In fact, one of the essays made me teary-eyed. It's a moving account of how Scott understands the need for more medical professionals in the Sacramento area. You'll have to see if you can convince him to blog about it.

Anyway, fingers crossed and prayers sent that good things will happen.