05 March 2010

Duck Migration from Botany Pond

Yesterday I woke up, got ready for work, and when I walked outside I found that I didn't need a heavy coat. So I left it on the coat rack. The Matrix quoted a pleasant 45 degrees as I drove to BYU. Ten degrees warmer and the Sitkans would be wearing shorts! I walked in a little late to work, with others who had left their winter coats behind, and thought to myself, "Spring has sprung! Time to shed some layers! Good bye little pile of snow. You are the last of your kind, and we don't want you any more." There was one pile of melting snow outside the Wilkinson Center.

Lately, the ducks have been migrating up from Botany Pond at the South of campus where they normally live. I'm not sure why the make the trek all the way up to the Wilkinson Center. Is it because we have better grass? Or more likely it's because we smell better.

They are led north for the warmer weather by a courageous leader... at least that is the role I imagine he assumed after being shot in the neck with a dart. He keeps that red tag and protruding needle as a sign to all the other ducks that he is the alpha duck, the protector of females and babies. He seriously leads the way into new territory or herds the other ducks from behind. It's funny to watch. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of him, but as I've discovered, ducks are not posers, especially the alpha duck.

Well, afternoon rolls around and my student workers that came for the four hour shift to end the work day walk in wet, with specks of snow in their hair. NOOOOOOO! Why does winter have to ruin my day?! I don't even have a coat to wear home Slash the distance to my car and car to apartment. The snow is really coming down. My windsheild wipers had to do double time on the drive home yesterday and the drive back to BYU today.

The ducks didn't seem to mind too much though.