18 March 2010

What's Your Game House Party

Scott and I are gamers! We LOVE to have game nights at our house or anyone's house for that matter. We can be a little competitive, and after game of Blokus Scott may need to sleep on the couch. But other than that we are fairly good gaming company.

So I am fairly excited to announce that HouseParty.com has announced the application to host a Bicycle Playing Cards Game Party.

The suggested game day is May 8 and I couldn't find a deadline to apply. I almost applied as soon as I got the email announcement that the application was ready. EXCEPT, that we are still waiting to hear back about where we are going to medical school or further medical school preparations. So we may be moving in May. In fact, my parents are planning to fly down the same day as Party Time to either help us move or just have fun if we aren't moving. Dad needs to take some vacation days before he goes on permanent vacation from SEARHC. Also, I'm a wee bit nervous about applying to a House Party, after the last time when I wasn't accepted for my beloved bacon party because I had already thrown a party the month before.
But I'm going to keep watch for the parties surrounding this gamer party, and if there are no other bacon parties in sight and we have slim chances of moving, know that I will be having a game night in May, hopefully sponsored by HouseParty!