17 March 2010

March Madness and Mid-Terms

As mid-terms are closing up here at BYU (Scott has one more test to go!), we are also making time to fill out our March Madness brackets. Scott of course is making a little more time to analyze the situation than the rest of us.

I made two brackets - one for Scott's family challenge where it's based on which mascot would win in a battle, and one bracket for work that I had Scott help me put together. We'll see which one does better. Scott actually specifically said that in the family challenge only wives and daughters were allowed to choose by uniform color or mascot. I usually don't do that, but I felt like I needed to take advantage of that rule SOMETIME. Plus I really haven't been paying attention, even though it has been non-stop on our home tv for the past three weeks.

Well one of my higher ed co-workers recently sent me this article for how to chose your bracket winners. It is interesting to see the outcome of schools that perform the best academically and how that correlates to sports. Take a look!

If you were wondering, below are some profiles for my final four mascot battle-