25 March 2010


I am a Bzz Agent. I've been one since I got back home from my study abroad to France, and saw a campaign where I got free chocolate and only had to tell them how I liked it. Free food... gets me every time.

Well lately I haven't been too much into Bzzing, because it seems like BzzAgent has been kind of scattered. They keep offering me campaigns that I'm not really intereted in, or they are REALLY into the social networking thing and taking advantage of your connections. I'm not huge into the social networking world, (my Facebook friends can attest to my lack of updates and photos) and I'm not so much a fan of exploiting friends, so I've limited my participation. I DID try this amazing mascara when they had a campaign recently, and will probably never go back to my old mascara, though.

Then, today they sent me an email about Babies, a new movie that they are working with. Not exactly sure what connection BzzAgent has to the movie. It sounded cheesy to me, like one of those forwarded emails I get from a certain mother-in-law (wink wink) or coworker to try to make me smile with silly pictures of babies or kids say the darnedest things quotes.

But I decided to watch the trailer anyway... and I was kind of amazed. It gets me sucked in right at the beginning with these two babies in Africa. It's a documentary about babies in various parts of the world and how their lives and learning vary. It's so amazing to me what some babies are learning in order to survive.

Did you see that BITE? Anyway, with all the babies being born this Spring, I thought you might enjoy a look at this trailer about how life is so connected and yet drastically different in today's world! Babies comes to theaters on May 7th.