01 February 2010

Let the Crafts Begin!

In preparation for my best friend, Maura's, baby shower this last weekend, I tossed myself into the world of craft and creativity that I've been desiring.

It all began by winding up the BYU Career Fair week with a slow Friday. So I thought to myself, "I should really be practicing my Adobe Illustrator skills because BYU taught Illustrator to me for work reasons, and I need to keep that skill active if ever called upon again to use it." (Do you like my justification?) So even though, I had recently created a new stick figure family for my friend Mary Susan, I decided I needed some more practice.

Marta Writes, a blog I follow by a very creative woman in Idaho, posted a notice the other day about some things she was selling in her Big Cartel Shop. One thing she announced was she had some blank gift tags available, and showed us how cute they could be with a little birdie stamp. I fell in love with the partridge stamp immediately (it IS a partridge, right?). I know some one/company sells them, because I was able to find one more picture of the stamp on the internet, but no trace of how to purchase the cute stamp. So that is what I traced today on Illustrator and added some new color. Isn't she adorable?!

Patridge 2

With that finished I was ready to prepare for Maura's baby shower, which was a blast by the way! Her super fashionable sister, Nicole, planned the shower with one of my favorite people in the world, Mama Bukey! They were nice enough to let me help out, and gave me the assignment of making a Diaper Cake. Wanting the best in the world for my best friend and her baby en-utero, I scoured etsy.com for the best looking diaper cake model I could find. (If you don't know what I diaper cake is you should check etsy out, or I'm about to show you ... I'm surprised how many people don't know what a diaper cake is!)

Well this is what I came up with, and I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

The baby fun doesn't stop there! I am itching to try out a onesie idea I saw online. I'll show you when/if I ever get the courage to do it.

But my next project needs to be a Valentine's SOMETHING using all the leftover mardi gras type beads from our DiGiorno Hour Party. Send me your ideas, please? As you can tell I'm not so much unique, but I am a great copier when it comes to crafts.