18 January 2010

DiGiorno House Party

We had our DiGiorno House Party this weekend, and let me tell you it was an adventure. In December, we applied to be a host of the DiGiorno Game Day Believer party on Houseparty.com.

Everyone has been asking me how I came about finding this sponsored party, so I will tell you. I receive e-newsletters from Kraft with recipes and coupons about once a week. Well in one of the December newsletters they mentioned how you could apply to host a DiGiorno football party and receive tons of free stuff. I thought to myself, "We throw parties all the time. Why wouldn't I want a company to sponsor them?!" So I applied and was accepted as a host. All we had to do was invite around 10 - 15 guests over to our smallish basement apartment to eat DiGiorno pizza and watch a football game. Of course, I was probably accepted too because I mentioned that I blog about everything in my life. So that's more advertising space for DiGiorno beyond the 10 - 15 people in my house. In exchange for this advertising space, DiGiorno would send us a package with six coupons for free pizza at the party, coupons for all of our guests, and some DiGiorno swag.

A week ago Kraft shipped our boxes of free goodies and coupons for the party, but unfortunately for us the box didn't arrive until 2 hours before the party started. Luckily I wasn't relying on the box to keep the party going. I had gone to the store and purchased supplies for football cookie decorating, cesear salad, and games. We had also invited our guests to bring their favorite football game side dish. So we would have a party with our without DiGiorno, but it was definitely better with the pizza!

The food was fantastic! There were so many options of pizza to choose from, like Tuscan Chicken thin crust pizza or Ultimate Meat Lovers (which was a big hit at this football party). Michelle and Erik brought some sweet chocolate chip cookies along with their sweet little newborn Brynlee! And Jordan, Jandee, and Isaac brought a saucy guacamole dip, which was a perfect game day addition.

I stayed in the kitchen for the whole party, which was a pleasant retreat from my normal football game boredom. Baking the pizzas took quite the rotation schedule. Scott enjoyed announcing each new flavor of pizza as it came out of the oven and into the hands of our guests. "Next we have a Stuffed Crust Pepperoni pizza... On our left you will notice the last piece of Pepperoni and grilled pepper thin crust. Come and get it!"

When half time came, we gave the boys a very difficult football rules quiz, authored by DiGiorno. Out of 10 questions, the highest score was a 5. I had wrapped up some prizes for the winners of our various DiGiorno games. We also had a three-column football BINGO game, created by yours truly, and football cookie decorating.

We had a blast! Thanks to everyone who came and ate all that wonderful pizza. In the end our guests have confirmed that they do believe - It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno!

Next up on Houseparty.com, we have applied for the Turkey Bacon Brunch party. Mmmm... bacon. Can't wait to see if we can be hosts!