13 January 2010

Brain Overload with Craftiness

Last night I had the most difficult time falling asleep because my mind was racing a hundred miles an hour. That usually happens to me at night (see #5). I have business ideas or lists of things I need to do. This time my mind was racing because I have had an Itch, with a capital I, to be very crafty. I've had this itch since November or December but have yet to scratch it.

I've tried pacifying this urge by doing what I do best, RESEARCHING, and created a draft email to save and access wherever I go with all the links to activities I want to do. I justify not doing these projects because I don't have the resources - no sewing machine, no paper or fabric, no skills. Yet the yearning to craft lingers on and I continue to add sites to my blog roll and links to inspirations in my email.
Here's what I've got so far...

Pleated Bag pattern from Bolsa Chica (want to make bag like the above that I found on etsy)
Homemade Recycled Girl Dress on Craftser.org
Flower Brooch from Sew Ritzy Titzy
(I ended up giving this as a kit to my sister-in-law to make, thinking I could be crafty through her... still itching)
Tissue Paper Pom Poms from Martha Stewart (for hanging or bows on packages)
Straight Edge Vase from Natural Home Magazine online
Gnomey Hat from Hello Yarn, kind of adorable! I can totally picture this on my new best friend Casey or little Grahamers!

CHRISTMAS ideas from the beginning of the itch in November/December
Paper Pinecone Ornament from Stamping Starlette
Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar from Teresa McFayden
Christmas Wrapping Paper Wreath from The Red Thread Blog
Moravian paper stars from The Starcraft, this family has a whole etsy business making these weaved stars!

Sites I NOW follow because of their crafty genius:
Dollar Store Crafts
Marta Writes
Pretty Ditty (oh! So chic)
The Alexanders (This is actually my co-workers sister-in-law, who has the cutest ideas)

This is THE ONE I found last night and could NOT get over.
Katie Did Journal
She lives in NY, has the most adorable kids and makes them amazing clothes. Like this dress.

Photographed by Kelsey Foster

How did she get the skirt to be like that?
Check out this FANTASTIC Christmas decoration she made!!

I have creativity envy big time, and am procrastinating the day of my repentance.

P.S. Added at new blog to follow today :) The Idea Room... so stinkin' cute!