25 January 2010

The Typical Sarcasm

I thought you might enjoy the opportunity to eavesdrop on our lunchtime conversation today. If you can imagine, this is what a typical conversation is like with Scott.

After visiting the Harold B Lee library on campus to check-out Writing for Magazines by Cheryl Wray (recommended to me by a BYU Alum), Scott and I settled in to eat our lunch in the recruiter room at my office. Scott was reading his class assignment of chapters in The Odyssey by Homer, while I read the introduction of my library rental. The author shortly introduced the subject and then thanked a few contributors for their "unflappable support." This is where the story begins...

"What do you think is the definition of unflappable?" I asked Scott, imagining to myself a group of penguins or flamingo trying with all their might to fly, knowing of course that the image was far from the actual interpretation.

"Birds without wings," Scott answers as he continues to read his homework on the computer.

"No, it doesn't. Can you look it up for me? I'm curious."

So Scott pulls up the definition online, and with a straight face says, "Unflappable: not easily flapped."

"That's not what it says!" Silence....

"Okay," Scott smiles knowlingly, " Not easily upset or confused. Origin - the birds."

"Hon, that's not what it says," I say, perturbed.

"No really, that's what it says. The birds."

"Huh." My bad. It is pretty hard to tell when Scott is being sarcastic.

"Just kidding. Origin is reference to Harold Macmillan of Britain." I shake my head in disbelief at Scott. The nerve! So I continue reading.

After Scott had finished his homework assignment, he started telling me about his plans for the rest of the day, but I really wasn't listening intently.

"I'm going to class, and will be done at 3:00 PM." Scott began, waiting for some response from me. "And then I'll have to take a test...." I'm sucked into the beginning of the book. No comment. "Oh and honey, I'm pregnant," Scott slips the last line into the list of his plans.

"Did you think I wasn't paying attention? Nice try, Silly Duck!" I kidded.

Scott looks at me seriously, "Schnooks, don't make such unflappable comments."

Haha! My husband makes me laugh every day.