03 February 2010

Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza

I am about Pizza'd out, if that is even possible. After our DiGiorno party, I have had pizza that was left over from employer information sessions on campus, pizza for helping out at the career fair, and pizza for activities outside of BYU. And would you believe that there is just more and more pizza to come?!

As Scott's cousin Kyle would say, this next piece of information is on a need-to-know basis. DiGiorno accidentally sent us two party packs. Scott and I are thinking that that must have happened because our first one didn't arrive until two hours before the party. When it hadn't come early, we wrote to them and asked if there was any way we could track the package. Thus triggering the new package to be sent. I wrote to DiGiorno asking them what they wanted us to do with extra package, and they said we didn't need to send it back, but, "We just ask that you use the contents responsibly." Uhh... how could I use them irresponsibly?

Well in a responsible manner we went back to the store to buy some pizzas for potential Super Bowl parties, and in a responsible manner I offer to send anyone a DiGiorno coupon making your next meal super cheap and tasty (while supplies last, of course). If you're interested send me an email with your snail mail address. If you're lucky I may even throw in a DiGiorno oven mit or pizza cutter!

If you don't get a chance to grab one of my remaining coupons, you could always apply to the DiGiorno Champions House Party in March. That's correct! DiGiorno loves sports and hungry fans and is hosting a March Madness party as well. Just follow the link above to HouseParty.com to get your application started.

But beware, as I found out the hard way, House Party wont let you host two parties in a row. I'll miss you, Bacon Brunch Party! Maybe Oscar Meyer wants to throw a March Madness bacon party too?