05 February 2010

Did I Mention That Katie Chandler is Famous?

I continue to have crazy famous connections with my relatively new name. On Wednesday Scott texted me and said, "Are you in the Daily Universe?" That's the BYU school newspaper. "Uh, not that I know of," I replied. I didn't remember being extra quotable or having my picture taken. Well cousins Erik and Kyle kept saying that I was featured in the paper and even said, "Wow, we didn't know Katie accomplished so much."

Weird! I looked through the whole newspaper, looking for any articles that I might have an opinion on or be related to, and any pictures that would have any bit of likeness. Nothing. Finally, Scott gives me a call, laughing. "I found you in the paper. Let's just say you need to check page six."

Page six was a full sized add for PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) one of the Big Four accounting firms that recruits at BYU. It was a picture of two young women, one in her early twenties and a teenager, both staring off into the distance. The ad was topped with a title "Constant Kate". The caption read something like, Katie Chandler is finding balance as the legal guardian to her teenage sister, as she is successful in a promising career.

Er... no sisters here. But PWC didn't make this story up, even though my first impression was exactly THAT. They must have seen my name in an email communication from BYU Career Services to their recruiters and thought, "Hmm... that's a name with great feeling and pathos. Let's write an ad about her." There is actually a Constant Kate, CPA (see video)... or at least there was another Katie Chandler. Pretty sure after I did some research that she is now married and a Jones.

Not that Jones is any less of a name, but you'll notice that PWC hasn't updated their ad. Chandler must inspire more connection and sympathy, homey quality. Good name, what can I say?