20 November 2009

Meteors, Legends, and the News

Three major events happened in Utah this week.

A meteor (or small asteroid, scientists are still debating) crashed through the sky near Provo breaking the sound barrier and lighting up the whole sky. Meteor hunters, yes they do exist, are crawling all over the area now because supposedly that piece of space rock is worth a bit of money. The governor may or may not (I learned sarcasm from Scott) be entertaining movie proposals. So watch for something akin to Twister in the movie theaters in 2012.

In-N-Out opened it's first stores in Orem and Draper officially yesterday, though we saw large crowds there Wednesday evening. Could In-N-Out have been behind the "meteor shower" as a public relations campaign? I can see it now... In AND Out of the atmosphere. These burgers are out of this world... I don't remember reports of an In-N-Out banner floating behind the asteroid (meteor... whatever). Maybe it fell off? In any case, Scott saw the never ending line of cars and packed restaurant yesterday and thought to himself, "I could have been a millionaire! Why didn't I bring In-N-Out to Utah my Freshman year?" Story of our life!

And the last big piece of news is that we are moving apartments! We were playing card games with friends and I was ranting about the many, many, many flaws of our apartment. They mentioned that the Relief Society president was desperately looking for tenants for her basement apartment. It's a cozy place, with all utilities included, and there are no interesting neighbors (in every sense of the word). So look forward to pictures of our new place and maybe a house warming party after the holidays.