01 September 2008

Flash Mopping

It's Labor Day, and Scott and I have school and work off. We were planning on hiking in Provo Canyon, but the weather turned ugly last night and this morning we woke up to a hail storm. So we decided not to tread outdoors, but instead turned on Hidalgo and looked up alternate classes to take this Fall (I can take up to six credits in Evening Classes as a benefit of my job at BYU.).

Walking into the kitchen for a movie snack, I mentioned to Scott that we needed to stop by the store sometime because we were out of sugar and Swiffer pads. I'd noticed some spots on my linoleum kitchen floor and was hoping to mop them away while I had time. 

One step more towards Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, and I was in a deep puddle of water and leaves. Scott!!! We have a flash flood in our kitchen. I grabbed the mop, and Scott found three cleaning towels to sponge the water outside. 

These pictures make it look like I had Scott do all the work, which is partially true. He used the towels and I mopped. The pictures also make it look light outside, but it was pretty dark and stormy in Springville.

On the bright side, my kitchen floor is now sparkling clean, and we're planning a trip to Home Depot for better weather stripping.