21 August 2008

Tribute to Fanny Pak

Tonight, the winning dance crew will be announced on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). I have to admit though, that I lost interest when my most favorite group - from day one - was eliminated a few weeks ago... Fanny Pak!

Scott and I were in Sacramento when we heard the news. Fanny Pak is a dance crew from California that dances to their own beat, you could say. They are totally '80s and genius on the floor. ABDC is only on it's second season but is seeing the same old story when it comes to new dance crews. I mean, how can you top the perfection and outstanding performances of Jabawockeez, or the tightness of Kaba Modern from season one. At the start of this season, we weren't seeing much reason to tune in for unique dance moves and stunts... until Fanny Pak entered the scene. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to every episode when Fanny Pak danced. The crew always "Turnt it up" and "...gave... 100 and 50 THOUSAND percent" as Lil' Mama would declare. In fact, Fanny Pak is the only crew to ever receive a standing ovation on the show by all judges, and the S.O. was given when Missy Elliot was judging the variations on her own tracks.

The real tragedy of Fanny Pak being dismissed from ABDC - right before the final showdown of crews - is that they were kicked-off... by the judges... on '80s challenge night... after performing possibly the most hilarious dance routine of all time. Fanny Pak was given the song Maniac from Flashdance to perform to. They turned a master-mix of the song into a storyline highlighting an ABDC dance contest, including ever infamous judge reactions. If you haven't already viewed the presentation, it is a must see. 

Go to www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/dance_crew/videos-full-episode.jhtml and search in episode eight for Fanny Pak's  MANIAC performance. It wont disappoint!