28 October 2009

Batman and the Bat Show

Now you may wonder, "Why would you get Scott The Worlds Largest Gummy Bat as a birthday present?" Not for Halloween, I would respond, "But because Scott needs a snack while he's out watching the Bat Show."

Many of you faithful blog readers know that our apartment is not the kindest to us. We haven't had the best experiences in it, but we stay for the love of our church ward and neighbors (though I did once seriously look at moving when a good opportunity presented itself). So you can imagine my unsurprise, when I arrived home one day and my husband was on the phone with our landlord. He was arranging a time for him to come over to fix something. When Scott got off the phone, I asked, "What's wrong?" "Why did you need to call the landlord?" "It's not spiders is it?" Scott replied, "Don't worry it's just a small thing... actually 200 small things." Ewww! I thought for sure it was spiders and told Scott that he better not beat around the bush any longer.

Well when Scott had gotten home that day, our neighbors were outside taking pictures of our house. As if that was odd enough, they called him over to talk to him. When Scott arrived at their fence, he realized what they were looking at. Every thirty seconds about 10 bats would fly out of our upstairs neighbors attic vent. The neighbors across the way said this has been happening for about a year, and they knew all about the bats. They were small, so they didn't have rabies, and they are not aggressive. Our neighbors suggested that we call our landlord about it, and they would have told us earlier except we were never home to tell when the bat show was going on, and they liked watching the bats.

Our landlord was going to be gone for a week and wouldn't be able to fix the bat issue until he returned. That didn't bother Scott though, he liked to sit down by the fence and watch "the bat show" every day around dusk. He liked to think he was Batman and even suggested we watch the new Batman movie series for Family Home Evening. I refused to think that the bats existed, because I was much happier that way. But I found Scott crouched down by the fence one day when we were painting the sofa table black.

You can't see the bats, but unfortunately they were there. The Chandler family will note that this is a picture of Scott with his longer hair...
To be continued