29 October 2009

The Big 24

Yes, Chandler family, the moment you've all been waiting for. This is a picture of sad Scottie before we cut his hair. (It was supposed to be my sad before shot with amazing after shot.)

What was meant to be a nice trim before his birthday week, became my misfortune, with his hair actually looking like this on his big day.

And that's one of the better angles.

If you were too distracted by the pictures and my super sassy hair, you may not have read that Scott had a full birthday week, not just a birth-day DAY. Scott didn't have to do dishes all week (which is definitely his chore for a reason), he got to watch as much football or fantasy scores as he wanted, we ate his favorite meals, went out to eat with family, had a party including a BYU Football Fireside, and he attended the BYU v TCU Homecoming Game. Here are some pictures from Scott's Big 24 week.

At Red Robin with cousins for birthday dinner, holding his Golden Ticket from Kyle

At the BYU Football Fireside, wearing the daisy boutonniere that was made for him by a girl at my work

Scott, his senior year at BYU, wearing his new favorite birthday presents from family before the Homecoming Game. Yay for Fall and Football!