31 October 2009

Career Spook Alley Success!

When I started preparing and advertising my October open house event for University Career Services at BYU, I would have never imagined that it would be such a success! The event went from 11:00am - 3:00pm (which was a long time, especially when you have to prolong lunch). Career advisors in our center acted as fortune tellers for the event, offering a fake career future for the students who visited the spook alley. Once the fortune was given, the advisors asked what the students really wanted to do and offered a list of services we could provide to help them build the career they wanted.

Fortune tellers included:
Wendy from Wendy's and her French Fry fortunes
Big Navajo, the Medicine Man with chants that invoke the spirits of career advice
(don't worry, he served his mission with the Navajo people and speaks fluently. All very authentic)
Cowgirl, and her magic career advising boot
Blackstrodomus, and his magic black eight ball
Trucker, and his chew
Our local Shriner, and his magic fez hat

In total we had 185 students get counted at the end of the career spook alley. While I was hoping for really high numbers, that was about all we could handle. We were talking to students the whole time with no breaks, had short waits for fortunes, and had a lot of fun walking around and seeing what everyone else was doing. One of the advisors reported that 75 - 80% of the students who came in to visit were freshman and sophomores, which is exactly who we want to introduce to the center at this time.

Big Navajo was gracious enough to give Scott his fortune by chanting to the gods for career advice. Scott received the number 3 or 4 calling in the Navajo people... Corn Grower. Big Navajo said, " Plan A - Corn Grower. Plan B - Sports Med. People in the center here, can help you with Plan B. For Plan A though... you come to Big Navajo."

My husband, the Corn Grower

Here I was thinking that Plan B was physical therapy. Thanks for setting us straight, Big Navajo!

So I'd say it was a success! More so, it was A LOT of fun and I was so glad that everyone got as into it as I always have been. For more pictures, and to view videos of the event, visit my Facebook.