07 October 2009

The Climax of My BYU Plot

Halloween 2008 I watched as adult college students got way too excited about dressing up for the holiday, and as a former marketing student I said to myself, "There has to be a way to capitalize on that." So I thought about the different ways the University Career Services office where I work could use Halloween and costumes to get the word out to students... I devised a plan.

I mapped out a spook alley for this year, using the back interview hallways as the path which open house visitors would follow. I planned that advisers would act as "career fortune tellers" in the interview rooms, using fish bowls or scrabble letters to predict the after-graduation futures of any student or alumni who dare to enter the spook alley. I imagined our former Christmas Grinch, dressed as a witch, ladling an empty black cauldron in the entry way, inviting students to pick a room, pick a fortune! *Cackle cackle*

I've planned this for a year! And about a month or two ago I asked permission from the big bosses to enact my plot to take over the center for a half- day. Surprisingly, they agreed and told me I could move ahead with plans! So I went for the big gun marketing tool... I posted the event on BYU's Homepage Calendar.

Today, when the webmaster told me my event description was posted, I was overjoyed. I feel that I have reached the climax of my existence at BYU. Nothing could possible be more exciting than seeing my dastardly plan in action at BYU. SOOOO Awesome! You can click on the picture to see the "Career Spook Alley" LIVE on the calendar for October 30.

Only one other person in my office shares my great enthusiasm and unending creative vision for this Halloween open house event, so I had to post my achievement on the blog. I'm glad you understand!