01 October 2009

I caved!

You all knew I would. We had family come to town to visit, and Scott's sister Amy, with her adorably short cut, reminded me that short cuts need a lot of up keep. She mentioned how glad she was that her hairstylist was near and available to make changes whenever she felt necessary. Hair grows fast, especially when you cut a large chunk off.

That got me to thinkin'... and justifying... If I waited until December to get a haircut while I was on Christmas vacation, I might be going to an out-of-town salon and would be unable to do those quick repairs to my head. Done and done! I tried to narrow down the list of stylists in the nearby vicinity that I would trust for my new do.

At the same time, I was preparing my church primary children for an October singing program and needed to call the previous chorister, Chelsea, to ask how in the world she survived Primary Programs. Light bulb!

Chelsea is a hairstylist in Spanish Fork and she herself always has the cutest, most modern hairstyles. Of course! Why didn't I think of her before. I called her up for both purposes, and luckily she works Saturdays and Thursday evenings and is more than willing to provide her services. So I have an appointment at Naturally Yours Salon on October 17 to change my hair to Paris'.

Scott likes to rub it in. He knew I wouldn't make it past October.