07 November 2008

The Grinch Who Stole the Early Holiday Thunder

It seems like Christmas is coming out a little earlier than usual this year. Is that because we feel the need to be more cheerful during the troubling economic times? Or because stores want us to feel like we should start our Christmas shopping earlier? I was at Burlington Coat Factory in SLC last weekend, November 1 to be exact, and Christmas music was already streaming across the stores system. Subliminal message???

In any case, we were discussing the issue at work when an older woman in the office stomped in and crashed at her desk. Surprised at her gloominess, but not wanting to start a 15 minute dramatic monologue from the usually chatty colleague, we ask her what the matter was. "Why are they already playing Christmas music on my morning commute? I haven't even taken down my Halloween decorations yet!!" She sassed. We tried to make explanations or find the optimism in the situation, but she refused to see it.

The students at the front desk are normally full of pranks and sarcasm, but this un-festive attitude really flared their spirits. They started a full-on campaign to bring Christmas early to this woman's life. Humming classic Christmas melodies while doing their work, changing her screen saver to a Christmas Tree by the Fireplace scene, and asking the whole department to contribute by telling this lady how lovely she looks in red or wishing her a Merry Christmas.

The icicles may not have melted from this woman's brow yet, but I can tell the corners of her mouth perk up a little bit with every new holiday remark.

So if you feel like aiding the effort to save Christmas, hang a little holly, hum along to the department store's radio, or go ahead and send an anonymous holiday eCard to a certain secretary at BYU. Any little bit helps!

Ho! Ho! Ho!