19 October 2009

How to Handle the Many Compliments

There were so many exciting events this weekend. Both Scott and I were able to get more done on Saturday than either of us imagined we could do in one day... with fun stories to boot! I was hoping to post all of the events in one long blog this weekend, but with one computer and so many things to get ready (Scott's birthday is on Thursday!) I lost track of my blogging time. In any case, I can't put off this post any longer, because there are too many people asking to see.

I finally got my haircut! I know, most people think I waited too long. I LOVE it though! It is definitely a drastic change. So much so that everyone who saw me on Sunday and everyone who passes by my desk today is making a comment. My primary kids were too excited to point out the change and state their honest opinion. I almost feel like I need to make a sign for my my desk at work that says, "Yes, I got a hair cut. Do you like it? Check Yes or No." One woman in my office likes to make a comment about my new hair cut and how fitting it is after every new commenter that comes by my desk. Not only do I get many compliments, but I get repeat offenders. "Seriously, that cut is SO becoming on you!"

The cut is definitely something to get used to, especially when I've had long hair for so long. My hair stylist friend had to reteach me styling techniques, including blow drying my hair forward and how to pick hair particles for detailing. Lately when I walk by the mirror I don't even recognize myself. The picture doesn't do the do justice. I feel like my whole face has changed. The cut is sassy and sizzlin', unlike my attempt at a Paris Hilton smirk (Thanks, Maura for the tip).
I'm having fun with it though, and the best part is Scott likes it. With Scott's new army buzz (Sorry honey! I'm still learning with the clippers) and my new do, we are prepared for the comments and compliments coming our way.