26 October 2009

Saturday is a Special Day...

I am falling behind in my blog posts, so I have committed myself to writing out all the stories of these last two weekends to share.

Two weekends ago was ever so productive. In the morning, Scott played basketball before meeting me at the BYU Lost and Found Sale. If you live in Provo, or nearby, you have to keep track of when the Lost and Found Sale is each year. It only happens once a year that the Lost and Found gathers everything that hasn't been claimed in the last 365 days and sells it back to the student body and community. I waited in a long line that looked very similar to when we waited for John Krasinski's movie at Sundance. I arrived at the sale an hour early, and was still near the back of the line. I had heard that the sale could get pretty crazy, with people grabbing anything in sight, piling it up in a corner, and then sorting through to see if they got anything good. That wasn't far from reality. When we entered the sale, there were tables and tables of clothes, random cords, water bottles, sunglasses, and umbrellas.

But I had a goal - two goals actually. I wanted to buy back a basketball that Scott had lost in the RB when we didn't label it as ours and I wanted a new digital camera because I have a form of loathing for Scott's camera. So I ignored the grabbers, and headed for the large bin of basketballs. I attempted to decide which one was worthy of us owning, and chose one that bounced. Luckily when Scott arrived later at the sale I found I had chosen well. Then I grabbed a number for the electronics auction that happened later in the sale.

While I waited for the auction, I grabbed two pairs of awesome sunglasses for $1.50, a BYU water bottle for $0.50, and admired the polka dot umbrellas people were finding but were apparently hiding from my reach. The real deals though came at the auction. Initially it was overwhleming, with iPods and cameras being sold for more than my allotted amount I had given myself to spend on a used camera. So I tried to bid, and always lost. But then the end of the auction rolled around and, by shear luck and the fact that most everyone had already left, I found myself the new owner of TWO digital cameras, which I purchased for $16 (well, under my allotment). So I figure I will keep the one I want and sell the other on Craigslist at Christmas when everyone is needy and wanty.

Proud of my purchases, I drove to the grocery store, unpacked the groceries at home, and headed to the hairstylist for my new sassy cut (that I LOVE).

In the meantime, Scott took a test and did really well, picked up his dry cleaning, and began to build the most recent installment to our collection of home decor...
To be continued