07 July 2009

The Lost Pictures of My Life

Okay, so I didn't get my digital camera or beautiful Mac back... but we finally got a memory card reader for our digital camera. Scott's digital camera has been incompatible with all USB connections and memory card readers for the past six months! Well... i guess it's been incompatible since it was created, but I've only noticed since my digital camera was stolen. So I haven't been able to post any pictures from activities we've done.
I'm sorry for borrowing all your pictures that you took of Scott and I since January! I am now making up for it by posting pictures that go along with archived blog posts. AND... as an added bonus, I'm throwing in some pictures that I forgot existed because we couldn't upload them.

Updated Blog Posts w/Pictures:
Procrastinating Great Stories - Part 2/4 - Sundancing and Shopping

Procrastinating Great Stories - Part 4/4 - Pasta, Pistols, and Passion

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Old Photos!

Rexburg Ice Caves - when Scott and I were dating...

(This is me feeling car sick because Steve Thornock drives really fast on back roads to the ice caves.)

(Scott enjoying the ice caves without me.)

Alaska - January 2008

(This is the trip where Scott "asked my parents" for my hand in marriage. Can you read the slogan on his t-shirt?)

Honeymoon Boat Cruise in Hawaii

(Another time when I had motion sickness.)

New Photos!

The Bees Game in SLC with Maura and Cole

(Our Handsome husbands, analyzing the game. Notice everyone left the stadium because it rained!)(The picture where I looked drugged or tired)

(The picture after Maura told me to open my eyes... I think she ended up with a better pic on her camera)

(The real entertainment of the game, and reason we stayed... intoxicated guy trash talking with foam finger)