06 July 2009

Stadium of Fire

Somehow I was able to convince Scott that this year we should volunteer at the Stadium of Fire so we had something to do on the Fourth of July. He's not really big into volunteering at things that should be fun, nor picking up chairs after late night concerts. Nonetheless, he committed to volunteer, for the love of his charming wife, AND he convinced his cousin Josh and his wife Chelsea to come along (probably because he wanted friends in his service misery). We only had to visit the stadium once before the show for instructions, and then we tried to find the sweetest job to help us enjoy a night of fire and screaming girls.

And WE DID! We were privileged enough to welcome in the local military groups who had reserved spots on the field to watch the show. We quickly grabbed the task of giving them wristbands and tickets in the shade outside the hot stadium. Military families had already started lining up when we arrived to LaVell Edwards Stadium at 5:30 PM to get into the show! They were more than early. Once all the families were checked in, we were able to snag some extra seats for our cousins Erik & Michelle, and we all sat down on the field (awesome seats on the grass) to watch Glen Beck, SheDaisy, and The Jonas Brothers.

SheDaisy was awesome! I love their sound. They sang some new songs as well as Mine All Mine, which is one of my favorites. I haven't really kept up with them since I listened to them on country stations in Rexburg, so I forgot how much I enjoy their style.

In addition to some good music, there were amazing firework and flame displays. I guess last year that was a malfunction with some flaming iron trees, so the Stadium of Fire committed to have even more fire this year. They had a whole fire dance, complete with flame twirlers, jugglers, break dancers, and jump ropers of FIRE! The fire works of course were amazing.

But nothing could be more breathtaking than the Jonas Brothers! I'm kidding, of course. I have never heard a Jonas Brothers song in my life before July 4, 2009, and to be honest I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much. Maybe that was because I couldn't really hear or understand them when a stadium full of tweens were screaming at the top of their lungs. OR maybe I didn't enjoy their concert as much because half the time they were letting the crowd sing their songs. Scott turned to me at one point during the concert, when the Jonas Brothers announced that they would be singing a song from their movie Camp Rock and asked the crowd to help them with the words. Scott asked, "If they wrote these songs, why do they need help with the words?" The crowd totally loved it though.

At the end of the concert, the oldest Jonas (I didn't memorize their names) announced his name after introducing the band and told the crowd that he loved them. There was a loud roar and I'm pretty sure several girls fainted.

Disregarding, the screaming gaggle of girls, the stressed out concert coordinators, the volunteer couple that made-out throughout the whole concert, and the debris that flew into the field after close explosions... I really enjoyed the experience. It was neat to be with military families as they celebrated the 4th and thank them for their service. I liked having a free firework show and concert and didn't mind the effort I had to put into it. In fact, after picking up chairs after the show, Scott has a new found appreciation for NOT leaving spectator trash at an event. I call THAT a mission accomplished!

I would volunteer again, though I would definitely have to reconvince Scott. And if I did it again, I would want a better camera. I keep taking awesome pictures of all our fun activities, and have not been able to remove them from the camera for posting. Someday! Until then, feel free to swoon over this borrowed picture of the Jonas Brothers.