02 April 2009

Procrastinating Great Stories - Part 4/4

Pasta, Pistols, and Passion

It was... Mrs. White, with the revolver, in the study!

Now imagine that being said in an Italian, Nacho Libre accent and you'll have a glimpse of our murder mystery dinner night held March 7 at our place.

My brother, Matt, and his family had gifted me the murder mystery dinner set called Pasta, Pistols, and Passion as a Christmas present. I had been to one murder mystery party before in high school when Casey Di Gennaro had invited a group of eight drama and music friends over to his house for the evening. Yet, I had never done a live clue event myself until now.

And that's really the best way to describe a murder mystery dinner party - it's a live game of clue. Everyone invited is a suspect in the murder of another absent character. Everyone has a motive, and through scripts and revealed clues you can attempt to piece together who the murderer REALLY was.

I invited some of my bestest friends in the Provo area (slash bestest friends EVER) to dress up in slightly scandalous European outfits. Maura and Cole portrayed an engaged couple, daughter of the deceased and and French wine maker, business man. Ashley and Ryan also played an engaged couple, brother of the deceased and his anxious mistress. They brought along their own Asian Assassin (baby Zachary), which was not part of the script but a welcomed addition! Scott was the soccer lovin' son, and I was the grieving widow. I made beautiful Italian food (for reals!), and we partied.

(Scott as Marco Roni, contemplating his future soccor career)

(Me as Mama Rosa, mourning my dead husband and pile of dirty dishes he left)

AND as the epitome of my procrastination, I forgot to grab our camera to take pictures of these beautiful couples. *tear* We were able to snap a few shots of the scene after everyone left and I realized my massive mistake, but really, that doesn't cut it. I guess I was just caught up in the passion and drama! Capiche?!

(What the party looked like when we had Scott's family over)