01 April 2009

Time for Ch-Ch-Changes

Recently I took Adobe Creative Suite classes through BYU Office of IT in order to help my department create a new website design for employers. The hope is that through Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign I will have the tools I need to redesign the website. Little did they know that I would be practicing my new found skills on my blog!!

The one thing I learned in these classes, though, is that I am not as creative as some graphic designers, but I am a darn good copier! These artsy geniuses in my class could mix color combinations and freehand crazy beautiful images. I on the other hand have mastered the art of finding something I like, tracing it, and then adding anything that may be missing.

So here you have my new idea for a blog design. I was thinking about how all minivans in Utah have those stick figure families to show off. So I thought I would copy in a sense by recreating the rear window of my matrix, and drawing stick people... which turned into a family portrait including both our autos and our plant Spike. Yes, I drew all those. Then I created a backdrop from vintage wallpaper.

This could be very fun, especially with my next class - Flash!