27 October 2009

The Newest Member of Our Home

One piece of furniture that I have wanted for awhile but never purchased until now is a black sofa table. I mean, really, we've been looking for the ideal purchase for well over a year now. We've scoured garage sales for something we could fix up, searched craigslist/KSL every week, and flip through sale ads for something, ANYTHING that is black and a table and would fit in our entry way. I've known that we needed something there, because the mirror in our hallway told me so. It was lonely, I could tell!

So when Shopko had a sale two weekends ago, I saw the ad and suggested we go look there for Christmas presents and Halloween costumes. Little did we know that we would find the almost-perfect sofa table of our dreams at Shopko. Scott had decided when we arrived at the store that Christmas shopping wasn't as fun when we stopped looking at electronics. So while I looked for girly things to get Addyson and my neices, Scott browsed through the furniture department and immediately called me over.

It's a beaut! Of course, we had to paint it black. And of course, while we painted it, Scott had to play Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. I topped it with this copper colored tray I got at the Galt auction place (it kind of matches the mirror), Halloween decorations and goodie bag, and presents for Scott's birthday, including The Worlds Largest Gummy Bat...
To be continued