02 November 2009

Retail Store Layout - A Marketing Project

Scott had to visit a retail store to analyze their marketing techniques the other day for his marketing class homework assignment. Of course, he wanted to bring me, a marketing expert, along to help him take pictures of the areas where the store was excelling and could use more work. The store Scott picked, Sports Authority. Are any of you surprised?

We entered the store and Scott first noticed the putting green in the golf section at the front. What was supposed to be a quick in and out of the store for the assignment turned into a golf lesson for me. Scott talked about how the putting green at Sports Authority was slanted towards the hole, so you made almost any put you attempted. Good marketing, he said, because then you think the club you were using helped you achieve that excellence and you would want to purchase any club that improved your game.

I pointed out how Sports Authority had a big BBQ Grill display in the store... for those of us who want to grill now that first snow has fallen? I also showed Scott how a lot of the kids toys were shelved too high, the playing cards were located for sale by the socks (?), and the footballs were hidden in the back of the store during football season.
Overall it was a fun trip to Sports Authority, we got out of the store without buying anything, and I got to reminisce of the days when I was in marketing class.