13 March 2009

Procrastinating Great Stories - Part 1/4

I usually am not a procrastinator. In fact, in college I liked to take the syllabus on the first day and if there was a project or paper for which I had sufficient instructions, I completed it long before the due date. I know, I'm a nerd.

Unfortunately, due to extraneous circumstances I haven't been updating my blog as often as I would like, and I have great life stories to tell. So I am taking this opportunity to write a blog series of random events:

Violation of Security

We had an excellent Christmas vacation with Scott's family in California. We returned home the first week in January so Scott could return to school and I could get back to work in the Career Placement Department at BYU.

Last semester, in an effort to car pool and save on gas, Scott and I spent most of our time on campus and were barely ever home. In the Fall, we left our house at 7:45 AM and came home exhausted at 7:40PM. So this January held the vision for a calmer semester and less expensive gas prices.

It was the first week of class at BYU. I had Cafe Rio-type pork simmering in the crock pot at home. I got the recipe on the internet using a copycat site that Scott's Aunt Lori had shown me (Thanks, Lori! It's our favorite.). When we arrived back at our basement apartment, I still had some preparations to make before dinner could be served. So I went into our bedroom to grab my macBook and relocate the copycat recipe.

My laptop wasn't where I had left it. "Scott, have you seen my laptop?" "I thought you left it plugged-in in the bedroom," Scott replied. "Me too!" So I looked in my laptop bag... and underneath the bed. "Could I have left it in the living room?" I wondered. So I walked out to the living room, scouring the floor. Nothing. Maybe I can do without it. Of course I could always use Scott's computer... but no, I want to update Christy's blog too!

I turned around to head back into the bedroom, and as I rounded the couch I saw that our DVD rack was empty. The two rows of our movie collection that had previous been there were now just two VHS tapes.

Scott! Could it be a prank? Call the police.

Our apartment had been broken into. Inventory of items stolen: my laptop, my digital camera, our 75+ strong dvd collection, and my replacement scentsy candle squares, which happened to be located in my underwear drawer. What a violation of privacy!

The Springville police spent a significant amount of time at our place, taking finger prints from my underwear drawer and taking pictures of footprints in the backyard snow. How did the intruder get it? Well, our front door could sometimes be pushed open, but we thought we had prevented that from happening again when we discovered that in the summer. Both doors were unlocked when we returned home that day. Other possible entry points? Probably.

The police questioned our neighbors to see if they had noticed anything or anyone peculiar that day. Our upstairs neighbors had only recently moved in to the complex, and having only been home a week we hadn't introduced ourselves yet. The couple reported that a man had knocked on their back door. When they answered, the man asked for a "Mike." Since no Mike lived in the apartment, and they were too new to know that there were no Mikes in the complex, the man left.

Since then I've been pretty paranoid about my security while in the house alone. I usually don't answer the door when home alone, unless I'm expecting someone. So what if an intruder were trying to scope out possibilities and I did nothing to signify I was home? Does that mean I should answer the door when I'm home alone? Our landlord came to fix the door locks, but didn't add any new deadbolts. We don't live in a particularly dangerous neighborhood, and it's not like this kind of thing happens often, because it doesn't. Still I feel like it has been more common lately with the perilous economic times for inherently good people to succumb to stealing. (Are you sensing my suspicions in my voice?)

In any case, I mourned for my laptop for several weeks, constantly checking Craigslist to see if the thief was foolish enough to post a sale. I was saddest for my lost homemade movies and pictures unblogged (including the pictures of my prcious macBook and I on the day we first united). I thought I had come close to finding it once, when a student was selling his laptop (legitimately). He had purchased it a few months after I had purchased my own. It looked like my macBook's twin, and (clincher) had a different serial number. I look forward to some day purchasing another Apple. Next time it will be a desktop in our med school home.

I'd like to say that the loss of my mac and digital camera were significant external factors to my procrastination of writing this series of four stories. Not to mention the time to mourn properly! But really the best reason would be the lack of internet service in our home, which should be altered in the next week. Until then, I will continue my stories by using lunch break time on BYU campus.

To be continued...