02 December 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Well it was a fast move and we survived! The weekend after we heard about the open apartment in our Relief Society President's basement, we moved in! Our home teacher was nice enough to gather together some of our great ward buddies with trucks and trailers (not that we own many large amenities), and "the men" moved one big load to our new place in less than one hour. We then made small loads in the Matrix, getting all of our possession from our previous apartment and into our new apartment by Saturday night.

I made one last stop to our apartment to gather our laundry (our new apartment is being furnished with a new washer/dryer this week... and until then we are dirty) and any last little nic-naks left over. As I folded our whites in our old closet of a bathroom, I heard a noise that had become more common in our old place...yelling in Spanish. This time it was out on the front lawn, and I'm not going to lie, I was imagining what kind of weapons could be whipped out at any moment in this obviously domestic dispute. This image was not based on precedence, but prejudice... I admit. Needless to say, I tried hard not to draw attention to myself until one apartment door was slammed and a car was heard screeching out of the parking lot. I then quickly packed every last crumb we owned into my car, and haven't returned since. We were able to get our furniture set-up and some decorations on the wall before leaving for our family filled Thanksgiving.

I got some Christmas decorations up when we got back from Thanksgiving.

Scott is really proud of our Family is Everything wall which he arranged, ALL by HIMSELF!

Thanksgiving was a TON of fun! The Alaskan parentals came to Sacramento to check out the area for potential retirement communities. They want to live near the Princess (that's me, if you haven't seen my tiara). And since Scott and I will most likely end up around the great city of trees, home of the Governator, my island parents decided they needed to research the radius. We drove around Apple Hill and Old Auburn, after my parents had already visited more northern cities like Redding.

We also made a dizzying tour down the windy road to Cool. I don't recommend the trip if you get car sick or fall asleep in cars, because if you blink at any point, you may just miss the city of Cool. Fortunately, my dad the driver kept his eyes open and stopped for me to take this most awesome picture.

Pretty sure you can see the other edge of Cool at the back of this picture.

The vacation was great! It was probably the first Thanksgiving I've had with my parents since high school. Turkey was amazing, as was the ham, pomegranate salad, rolls, cheescake, pie... the list goes on. I got much needed rest and now we are home again to work and finish out the semester.

Can't wait for Christmas!

Hey, and how do you like my new Christmasy blog theme? It was overdue for an update.