07 December 2009

Where's my creativity?!

My friend Stacy invited me to go with her and her sons to the Festival of Trees this last weekend in Salt Lake City. Her sister and niece were performing in dance groups at the festival, and she had an extra ticket, which was lucky for me. I hadn't ever been before, so I no idea that the festival meant extraordinary genius and charity from people in the Salt Lake area towards the Primary Children's Hospital (sponsors of the event).

There were over 800 themed Christmas trees decorated and donated to this weekend's event, as well as quilts, gingerbread houses, and wreaths. As I walked through the never-ending aisle ways of trees, my only thought was "Why am I not this creative?!" One thing I discovered, was that the newest Christmas tree topper trend is curly cue wire, FYI. I took pictures of some of my favorite trees, or trees that reminded me of friends and family, because the only way I could EVER produce this sort of creativity is to copy someone else's ideas.

And before I show you my favorite trees of the tour, I have to give major props to the giving people of Utah. We visited the boutique that is part of the Festival of Trees, which was filled with every type of craft and quilt you could imagine. When I asked the boutique worker about the hundreds of quilts we were ogling, she mentioned that everything sold at the Festival of Trees boutique was donated! AMAZING!

And now for my favorite trees...

Nightmare before Christmas - Upside Down Tree!
Mooo-y Christmas
All Sports Christmas

John Deere Of course!

Can't have Christmas without Dr. Seuss' Grinch

Children's book classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar

And, my all time favorite of the day - the Fanciest Nancy Tree
(the purple boa wrap, Paris ornaments, and curly cue top help make this one the winner in my mind)

My love for themed Christmas trees has been confirmed! I've been thinking that I might do one for a few years now. I was contemplating a Colts tree for Scott this year, since Austin Collie just joined his favorite team. But my idea of "themed" never gets as detailed or magnificent as those above. I have some big stockings to fill when it comes to decorating!

Have you ever done a themed tree?