11 July 2012

A Whole Family Vacation

Phew! We just returned from a most fabulous family vacation! I've wanted to visit the Chandlers (Scott's older brother and his awesome family) in Visalia, California for awhile. They live on a garden of eatin' property and they are so much fun to be around.  So Scott and I had penciled in our calendars a trip to visit the Fresno area around the 4th of July. Somehow everyone of Scott's family members (minus Steve-o who was busy advertising himself for a career, excuse granted) decided Independence Day was also a good time for them to travel to Visalia. Oh! And did I mention that most of my family happened to be there as well. Coincidence? No. We are the favorites! Or maybe Steve Chandler is the favorite, even with my family. It's a possibility.

In any case we had so much fun! The last time I saw my cutie nieces was New Years Day 2011, so they were more grown up and sassy than I remembered. Meghan is so talented and obedient. Mackenzie is kind and a chatter box. And Oh, Casey! She has so much energy, sometimes you can't channel it all!

I loved seeing my brother and his wife again, as well. It was especially neat seeing the amazing parents they have become! I didn't know Matt paid attention in science classes! He could answer every one of the girls questions about why the sky was blue, bubbles are round, and mountains are cold even though they are closer to the sun. Annie chimed into the conversation with her mad home decorating/DIY skills. That girl is impressive!

Adorable! How we managed to not take one picture of swimming, playing, or telling stories with these little sun kissed chicas during our time together blows my mind! Good thing Annie always has excellent pictures to spare like this one.

I wised up and brought my camera out for some Chandler annual family video material.

Luckily when I add that slip and slide video to the Christmas DVD it wont have any sound, so my cackle is only documented here. It's weird, I know! Scott did ask me several times if I wanted a picture taken of myself, but I'm counting on Sara to make my bad hair days look good with digital film magic.

Nice knowing you vacation! I'll miss the warm sun on my face, family stories told in person, giggles all around, and copious amounts of delicious food. Now its back to the  9-to-5 grind!