16 July 2012

Pinteresting Weekend

I LOVE Pinterest! I've tracked favorite links on the internet for as long as I've had email. Pinterest should receive an award for organizing my links with photos! Every good idea some else had that I want to copy is so much easier to find when on my Pinterest boards.

It's not unusual for me to try out one of my favorite Pinterest finds from a week of browsing on that coming Saturday. This weekend I tried out a few, but these Smores brownies were the most photogenic.

Uh yeah - they are as fattening and delectable as they look. Do you see the graham cracker crust? Can you tell that the brownie center is completely from scratch, requiring me to melt chocolate in buttery goodness? Probably not, because those crispity marshmallows are so flirtatious!

Try making these for a girls night, and maybe you'll be as lucky as me and it will only end up being a party of two. I'll either be ten pounds fatter by tomorrow, or need to find hungry friends.