18 July 2012

No Hats for Scott

Scott has an obsession withs hats! All sorts of hats. He loves to try hats on whenever we are shopping for clothes. Fedoras, newsie caps, beach hats, stylish twennie caps... the list goes on. He likes them al so much, and he thinks he looks good in them. That thought may also come from the fact that he receives a lot of compliments on his hats.

Personally I don't think his head is made for anything but a baseball cap, and I especially like it when the cap is backwards (sorry, Papa Bukey!). So when people give my husband a present like this one above, and then someone else compliments it as "the best barbecuing hat ever", I find that I have less power to keep any kind of hat out of his closet.

If anyone should be utilizing those hats, it's obviously me!