06 July 2012

Brew Station - Corvallis

Brew Station was recommended to me last summer when I first began working on the Oregon State campus. I was told all their food was made from scratch daily and was delicious. As I am neither a coffee nor alcohol consumer, I ignored comments that involved beer, beans, or micro, and didn't end up visiting the Brew Station until this Spring.

You might notice that the Brew Station shares this lovely yellow rambler (located across the street from the current College of Business building on campus) with a tanning salon. Yes, the smell of coconut tanning oil can be distracting when you are eating a delicious bacon cheese burger. Though, the smell along with the constant drip of rain outside, made me dream of tanning beds and crazy eye goggles. Probably intentional placement from their marketing peeps.

Everything was delicious, tasted homemade, and priced resonably, which makes the Brew Station a great option for a quick bite when running to or from campus. Not to mention there plethora of options for eccentric people watching, which is always fun!

*The Brew Station closed in 2013.