26 July 2012

Med School Update: Summer Shadowing

Before school let out in June, Scott and I had researched summer opportunities to build on his first year of courses. Lucky for Scott I am playing the role of provider, working full-time, which gives him the freedom to spend his summer volunteering or shadowing to make his free time more meaningful. Scott applied for the Oregon SEARCH program, but found out quickly that we would not get a response from their HR department who were all on vacation. Also lucky for Scott, we have a myriad medical connections. Friends and family provided recommendations of local doctors who would be more than willing to have a medical student shadow their practice.

So Scott has spent the last three weeks in Medford with my family having an amazing time. Besides visiting with his favorite in-laws by their home pool, Scott has shadowed two family doctors (one DO and one MD), one pediatrician (MD), and one physiatrist (DO). In addition to shadowing regular check-ups and physicals when permitted, Scott conducted a patient history solo, assisted with a disgruntled patient, vasectomy, and circumcision.

When he wasn't shadowing doctors, Scott was studying for boards next year with this book. He also played plenty of basketball and even claims to have read a non-medically themed book! It is now safe to say that Scott has had a productive summer.