11 June 2012

Medical School Summer

The last summer vacation of Scott's life starts today! That doesn't sound so great, but it is a complete relief! Scott's final exam for his last class, Musculoskeletal, this morning. He's been counting down to this day for over a month!

The summer transition from Year One to Year Two is the only real summer break that medical students have, at least at Western University. The summer after Year Two will be preoccupied studying for and taking their first board exams and beginning clinical rotations. The summer after Year Three is cut short to begin Year Four clinical rotations and electives. There may be another test in there as well. We're still learning!

This summer means a lot of things to Scott. First of all, it means a brain breather! Scott has been studying for comprehensive exams since last June and his brain and body are in need of a good break. The first couple of weeks off school we have plans to do fun activities, exercise, and of course some general lounging. We also have a family trip planned to California! Once we return from California, it will be time for Scott to think about school again. He wants to have a study review of year one so as not to lose that knowledge before board exams.

Many of the students in Scott's class are leaving for the summer. Some are taking this last summer opportunity to have extensive family time in their home towns. Some students are working in order to pay off loans or bills. After reading this article, I encouraged Scott to look into the Oregon SEARCH program to see if he could fit in some clinical time during the summer that would help solidify his year one education with some hands on application.

I have a little summer "break" planned as well. Since there were only a few classes offered through the MBA program at OSU during the summer, all of which occurred during business hours, I decided to hold off on class work until next Fall. I am anxious for a break from group projects and tests as well, but a little nervous of how difficult it might be to jump back in when the time comes. I will still be working full-time and taking some vacation days to run away from the rain or enjoy the rare Oregon sun!

I'll be sure to have another interview with Scott to close up Year One. Any questions I should ask?