24 July 2012

Where Do Sponsors Come From?

I watched this video today on NASA's Atronomy Picture of the Day website with people dancing all around the world with a man named Matt. NASA's site had a direct link to Matt's blog/webpage talking about how he has made a living traveling around the world dancing. Now, I'm not talking about professional, company-type dancing. I'm talking random hoe down moves with some basic choreography at times.

There has to be a secret to getting amazing opportunities like this! Oh, right... it's called YouTube, which is fairly unpredictable. You can read about Matt's spontaneous YouTube success and eventual corporate sponsorship on his "About" page. The video below describes how he was able to coordinate so many visits and crowds of enthusiastic dancers in his most recent video sensation.

Just to be clear, MY dance moves and world traveling may also be sponsored with the right offer.