30 July 2012

Scott's Magic Tricks

"Want to see a magic trick?"

"Say what?"

"Do you want to see my new magic trick?" Scott asked as I was chatting poolside with my parents at their new home in Medford.

" Of course I do, hon. Show me your magic trick." Sometimes I feel like my mothering skills are already in use.

He showed it to me, just as he did in the video below, and then on the ploy that I wanted to record it for his nieces and nefews, I asked him to do it again on video.

Don't you love how enthusastic my parents are about my blog? The kiddos in the video are friends from church. You can also hear that my mom was Scott's biggest fan, though the kids did give his dive an 8 out of 10 finger rating.

Oh, but then Scott discovered he knows TWO diving magic tricks! The second one is way more complicated and hilarious because of Scott's t-rex arm swinging.