04 April 2012

Feeling Kind of Crummy

Stress has always been bad for Mr. Crohns. When I was in college, I spent every break between semesters sleeping. Most likely I had pushed my body to its stress limits each finals week. Once I even spent Christmas break in bed with mono. Not fun - especially since no romantic smooching introduced it.

So I guess I wasn't shocked that after a month of living in a construction zone and my sudden  move during reconstruction that I got sick. Sick involved unusual stomach pain, a high fever, and a week off from work. Bleh! I visited the doctor and he ordered some poking, pushing, and imaging to give him a better idea of where this began. See, my Crohns has to be a part of every diagnosis because it inevitably plays a part. However, that doesn't guarantee that the symptoms I experience aren't coming from another player.

This time the other player was my enlarged spleen. Involving the spleen can mean a variety of things. Most of my technicians asked if I had ever had mono, and yet, test results were all inconclusive.  Two weeks and one antiobiotic treatment later, I am fever-less (besides faux-Beiber-fever, Schnooks) and back at work. There's still something going on, but then again there has been since September. Acupuncture has been pretty successful for me up until this point, so I'm not giving up on it. But it sounds like I might need to supplement with some heavy Crohns medications. Double bleh!

*Speaking of acupuncture, I saw a blog post the other day from a couponing site that said almost the exact things that my acupuncturist said I should do for my diet. I guess I needed a Chinese detox.